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Available Fault Current Calculation Information


The National Electric Code, 2017, requires the following:

110.16(B) In other than Dwelling units, in addition to the requirements in (A), a permanent label shall be field or factory applied to service equipment rated 1200 amps or more. The label shall contain the following information:

1. Nominal system voltage
2. Available fault current at the service overcurrent protective devices
3. The clearing time of the service overcurrent protective devices based on the available fault current
4. The date the label was applied

If you do not have this label made by the factory specifically for your switchgear we can make the label for you. 

To order your label, fill out all the information to the right and click the submit button.

You will need to get some information from the utility and from the circuit breaker or fuse cut sheet. 

The information about the utility transformer can be obtained by calling the utility.  

After you click the submit button, the information will be sent directly to me, I will do the calculation and have the label printed for you.

I will also email you a copy of the calculation so that you can file it in your project file. 

Request for Available Fault Current Caculation and Label
E Light Project Name
E Light Project Number
Utility Transformer kVA rating
SIngle Phase or Three Phase
Nominal Voltage of Swtitchgear
Utility Transformer Impedance ( This will be the Z rating on the Nameplate)
Utility Transformer Primary Voltage
Utility Transformer Fault Current if known. If not known, enter INFINITE
Gear main feeder length of run in feet
Feeder conductors per phase ( How many parallel runs?)
Size of conductors for feeders
Type of conductor material
How conductors are installed? ( Direct buried, PVC, EMT, RMC)
If greater than 25% of the total building load is motor loads, what approximate percentage of the total load is motor?
Your Name and Phone Number so I can contact you if I have any questions.
Size of the Main Disconnect
Model Number and Manufacturer of the Main over current protective device