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OJT [On the Job Training] Reporting 


Complete the information and please complete each box. Check the information and ensure it is correct and then click the submit button. 

All apprentices are required to complete and submit this form once per month. This form must be completed and submitted before the last day of the month. 

It is the apprentices responisbility to submit this form and to track the hours they work in each category, each month. 

Do not ask accounting or other departments to tell you the hours you worked in a category. 

If you are not sure which category your work should be applied to, please call, text or email the Director of Education and Loss Prevention. 

OJT forms not submitted or submitted late will adversely affect your grade and your review and may negatively impact the amount the pay increase you recieve during advancement. 
OJT Reporting Form  [ Due on the last day of month. ] 
This report is for the Month of.........
This report is for the year of
Hours of training on Preliminary Work this month
Hours of training on Safety this month
Apprentice Name
Hours of training on Rough-in Electrical Installation this Month
Hours of training on Finish Electrical Wiring
Hours of training on Lighting and Lighting Control
Hours of training on Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy this month
Hours of training on Motor Installation and Control this month
My initials entered here indicate I have completed this form.
Hours of Training on Troubleshooting Electrical Systems