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Safety Manual and Safety Forms

On this page you will find download links to our Safety, Health and Environmental Policy ( SHEP)., preplanning forms, and other forms used by E Light supervisors and employees.  This information is the property of E Light Electric Services and is to be used only by E Light Electric Services Personnel. This information is confidential. Please remember that we do not use paper forms for most of our process and that we now have iAuditor templates for use for most of these forms. The spreadsheet of iAuditor templates which includes a description and what they are used for is included for download on this page. 

Please contact:

Ted Smith
Director of Education and Loss Prevention
(303) 550-5292

or Robert Davis
Education and Loss Prevention Coordinator for assistance with any of these forms or iAuditor Templates.

Click on a link below to download a file. You may Open the file to read it and print if necessary or you may choose to save the file to your computer for future reference. 

Please check your iAuditor Templates for a listing of the current medical facilities we can use for work related accidents. The Template Name is : A ACCIDENTS: DOCTORS LIST FOR MEDICAL CARE
Safety Forms
NFPA 70E PPE selection
Trenching and Excavating forms
soil triangle
trench safety