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The A3: The Tool to Help Solve Issues and Continually Improve 

Problem solving and continuous improvement is necessary for any organization and something that is at the core of our beleifes at E Light Electric Services, Inc. Our vision or North Star is: We will be the best. We chose this, instead of We are the best, because we beleive that we need to contrinually strive to become the best but we also beleive that we should never reach a point where we beleive we have accomplished that goal. We want to continually strive to do better, never be satisfied, never rest on our laurels. I beleive that we are great at what we do and I beleive that we have an excellent staff and our electricians can not be matched by anyone. I also beleive that we can always do better than we did the last time.
The A3 tool is a a great tool to help analyze areas where we can improve and continually improve.  When you have finished reading the content, you will be given a link to take a test. Complete the test and your results will be shown right away. You must score at least a 70% to receive credit for completing the module. You will have the opportunity to take the test multiple times so that you can achieve a score of at least 70%.  You will also be emailed a certificate of completion for your records once you score a 70% on the test.